Our Vision


It’s not a badge, motto or tagline, it’s our way of life, instilled in the DNA of our character. Like football, our movement is fluid and free flowing, unbound by obstacles and inspired by the experiences we share.

We play without limitations, where creativity is rewarded, and diversity applauded; where the underdog can become the hero and greatness is achieved by anyone.

Our culture is driven from colour and positivity, never taking a step back and always looking beyond. It’s where we join passionate souls and innovative minds, all believing in better and striving for the perfect finish.

This is why we love the game, regardless of race, age or gender; it’s the game that connects and unites us all. This is Australia, this is football.


This is why our game is Limitless.

Australia’s passion and commitment to sport and the world game knows no boundaries nor barriers. Nothing is insurmountable. It is truly Limitless

And so it is with our Bid to become the host nation of the  FIFA Women's World Cup 2023™. 

A FIFA Women's World Cup™ in Australia would provide: 

Limitless Pillars